Collection: Jute rope on a budget


Jute on a Budget: Anatomie's Affordable Options

Unleash your creativity without breaking the bank with our budget-friendly jute options. Explore the following cost-effective choices:

1. Raw Rope: Craft Your Own Journey

For the purists and DIY enthusiasts, our raw jute rope offers a blank canvas where you can shape these ropes to your personal taste. 

2. Rope Reels: Abundance at Your Fingertips

Looking for quantity without compromising quality? Our rope reels are the answer. Purchase in bulk and embark on a shibari journey with a surplus of raw material, allowing you the freedom to experiment and grow your rope kit to your personal preference.

3. Grade B Rope: Charm in Imperfections

Discover the beauty in imperfections with our Grade B ropes. These ropes may not meet the criteria for our premium collection, but each carries its own distinctive character.

4. Beginner Rope Kits: Everything You Need to Begin

Start your shibari journey with our specially curated beginner rope kits. These kits are designed for those stepping into the world of rope play. Explore the art with ease, as each kit provides the essential tools and materials to get you started on your creative path.


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